Our New Acquisitions

For any company, acquisitions are of great importance, as they go a long way in aiding a company's expansion and growth. While acquisitions have become common in recent times, a major one can increase market power of the acquiring company. We have been acquiring many properties, ever since we decided to make a foray into the business of hospitality. Every single time we acquired a hotel or resort, it has helped us to add a significant value to our brand. As a result, we have gradually built a good customer base and enjoy greater reputation in the market today. Our new acquisitions in the year 2013 were as follows:

March, 2013: The property in Sunderbans, with enchanting natural surroundings was acquired and United-21 Resort, Sunderbans, was created. It offers a warm hospitality and a wonderful ambience for its guests.

April, 2013: In this month, we acquired a property in Todgarh and the other one in Udaipur. They were named United-21 Royal Resort and United-21 Lake City Resort respectively.

August, 2013: This month saw two acquisitions made by us in two different states, Gujarat and Kerala. The property of Gujarat, which is located in Gir Forest National Park, got the name United-21 Vanvaso. The property in Kerala, located in the beautiful town of Kollam was named United-21 Island Paradise.

All these acquisitions made in the year 2013 have helped us to bring more resorts under the brand, United-21. They have also helped us in extending our hospitality to the regions where the resorts are located. We can now welcome tourists to witness the beautiful offerings that these locations have in store for them. The rooms and suites in these resorts, well complemented with modern facilities, would make staying in them a pleasant experience for our guests. They can also avail many other amenities provided in these resorts for their convenience.