Progressing At a Good Pace

Panoramic Universal Limited has been highly successful in its operations, with new acquisitions that have been made in recent times. It has come a long way since it was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The company has always believed in achieving excellence in its operations through a holistic approach. Other than its hospitality business which has been immensely successful, it also deals in software development and IT education training. It is a member of NASSCOM and also has a state-of-the-art facility in Mumbai. With an excellent track record, the company is poised for a greater expansion in days to come.

It has luxurious hotels and resorts at strategic locations across India and abroad, having excellent facilities for tourists. Rooms or suites in these hotels and resorts are well-furnished with the necessary comforts and a great environment for enjoying a pleasant stay. They not only provide great accommodations, but also conduct regular events that provide wholesome entertainment for their guests. Multi-cuisine restaurants in them offer variety of dishes, which gives greater choices for guests in terms of delicious food. 

Accommodations in them are ideal for people looking for best hotel standards at reasonable rates. Most of the hotels owned by Panoramic Universal Limited operate under the brand name, United-21. In recent times, several properties have been acquired and brought under the umbrella of this brand.

Among recently acquired properties are hotels and resorts across many exciting locations in India like Chail, Corbett, Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala. The company has also been highly successful with its expansion plans in foreign shores. After acquiring resorts and inns in United States and New Zealand, it has turned its attention towards Thailand, a highly popular travel destination. It has condominiums in this region and there are many more properties to be acquired in the near future. The year 2012 has seen many successful acquisitions by Panoramic Universal Limited, which points out to the fact that it is moving forward with its expansion plans at a faster pace. While the company’s success story continues, it is looking out for newer and most promising territories across the world for spreading its wings. 

This Post was Written by By Ajay Yadav