Saying Good Bye to 2012 with a Bash

It is time that we bid Good Bye to the fascinating and fruitful year 2012. The year started off well with our acquisitions of our Grassland Resorts in Assam. Slowly and steadily, we acquired three more resorts in this year. Being in the hospitality industry, we know that just providing infrastructure doesn't count unless you back it up with proper services. We also make sure that our staffs in our hotels and resorts are well qualified and trained to behave courteously with guests.

This year many of our resorts had hosted events which were attended by many party lovers. Our Panoramic Resort, Karnala had hosted "Mad Hatters" events and it was a successful one given the number of the guests was more than expected. Our hotel United-21, thane had events organized "Retro 2013" and customers were provided an opportunity to enjoy at eight different venues within the hotel.A pool party with DJ and dinner at Panoramic Sea resort, Alleppey also made sure customers had a great time in welcoming the New Year 2013.


New Year 2013 has many surprises in store for our customers. We are looking forward to acquire some more resorts and hotels under our brand United-21. Do check this page for more such updates