Events at Hotel United-21 this July

Finally we see rains lashing out in Mumbai and this season are always a special for Mumbaikars. Transportation options get hit, roads gets blocked but yet we find ways to enjoy this season where the climate gets comfy. While some like to see rain through their windows with a hot cup of tea and others enjoy it by getting wet in the rain.

Moving along with Mumbai Spirits, our Hotel United-21 has planned certain events in this month for its Lifestyle club members. One should not ever forget that “Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” The events are scheduled on 14th, 26th and 28th July. With talented artists dishing out some of the best song for the season along with Housie and other games on 14th July. Ladies meet on 26thJuly with Hot Soup contest, Housie, Reiki and Meditation for club members. The last event for the month includes word making game, “Filmi Housie” and “Photo in Keychain” on 28th July.

Hot Soup Contest at Hotel United-21

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