Hotel United-21 Lifestyle Clubs

If your business commitments require you to travel a lot or if you go for a family vacations, you would make sure that you book your accommodations in some good star hotels. These times you wish to get best professional service at cost effective prices. The idea always is to book a place to stay with proper services.

Apart from having lunch or dinner with your family or friends you would never visit a star hotel in your city. But such multi-purpose hotels have many other facilities which are only utilized by people staying in the hotel. You will seldom see people from the same city using all the facilities of such hotels.

Panoramic Universal’s Hotel United-21 provides a golden opportunity to people residing in and around Thane. Hotel United-21 have introduced a club where in every member could use hotel amenities. Lifestyle clubs, as the name suggest provides you all opportunities and entertainment to help you live your life stylishly.

Some of the amenities which a Club member could enjoy include Gymnasium, Sauna and Indoor games. Being a club member you would be entitled to use all the facilities without any additional cost.

Gymnasium in Hotel United-21

With Lifestyle clubs, people in and nearby areas can utilize these facilities to ameliorate their health, have fun with their families and also enjoy some deliciously prepared food from the restaurant Spices and Sauces.

If you reside in or around Thane, you would definitely want to be a part of this club. If you are interested in knowing detailed information about the club membership fill out this form so that our executive could explain you all the details.