New Year Bash at our Hotels and Resorts

We hope everyone had a great start to the year 2012. We can be sure of this for our guests who chose our hotels and resorts, as their spot to celebrate the New Year.

We had organized New Year party in all our hotels and resorts and  were floored with the responses we received. Everyone wishes something for the New Year, and we are not different, even we wish to serve and satisfy you with our all round services.

Highlights of New Year Bash

Panoramic Resort Karnala

With Masquerade theme, we thought to celebrate the party in a very unique way and we were floored with the responses received. The guests came in with some of the most vibrant and colourful masks ever seen together. Adding to the galore was some performance with live DJs and games, a night which every guest will be remember as one of their best New Year Party.

Hotel United-21, Thane

Jalsa 2012 New Year bash, as we said that it was exactly the same. With many options for our guests to choose from inside United-21, Thane they had a wonderful evening spend with their near and dear one. Ghazals, light music and DJ kept our entire guest entertained with their skills all till the wee hours of next day. Click here for images.

Panoramic Sea Resort, Alleppey

Celebrating the New Year with friends and family is now not just limited to people living in Metro, it is wide spread across India. We knew and we were prepared for this with Thatkudda style party, at our Panoramic sea resort, Alleppey. The event was held for a week, right from Christmas till New Year.

Hotel United-21, Mysore

Christmas and New Year Bash, at our Hotel United-21, Mysore was flocked with people from all age group. The party was held in such high spirit that everyone in there had a great time. Turkey and plum cake for Christmas and dine and dance on New Year, United-21 Mysore was the place to be when in Mysore for the New Year Bash. Click here for images.

Such was the celebration that we would like to treat you the same way but with much more entertainment and fun, year after year. Panoramic Universal Ltd. wishes all you people a Happy New Year. We wish you all healthy life ahead.