Malvan food festival in United-21 Thane

If you are a food junkie, you would definitely love to experiment with dishes. Particularly when you are in India, along with different culture and traditions, you will get to taste different varieties of food prepared by Indians. We are known for our spices all over the world. Many people find our food so spicy they hardly eat the whole dish.

We at Panoramic Universal Ltd. has organizes a Malvani Food Festival at our Thane Hotel. The festival starts from 18th November and ends ten days later on 27th November. It’s been a while we had organized such food festival so we welcome each one of you to this food festival.

Malvani Food Festival at Hotel Sagar Kinara

Some of the best Malvani dishes which you should try are as follows
  • Murgh Malvani aka Kombdi Vade
  • Mori Masala aka Shark curry
  • Bangda Fry
  • Khavada Curry
  • Bombil Fry
  • Khajuchi Aamti
  • Paplet Saar

Hope you have a great time in United-21 Thane with some delicious Malvani Cuisine.