A World of Achievements

Success comes to those who strives for it and plan accordingly. Panoramic Group is one such example of a thriving business which marched consistently while achieving its goals and targets.
Panoramic Group - Aim High
With over 35 plus hotels and resorts spread across strategic tourist locations in India as well as abroad, we are consistently growing. Our this growth started with our decision to enter the hospitality sector. It was a move which strengthened the moral of our group, associates and even the employees. Group management always believed that the strength of the group lies in its employees who are motivated with hard work, sincerity and intelligence.
After acquiring our first property in Shirdi, we never looked back and kept on growing by acquiring one property after other. This short journey although interesting was a challenging part for the group and its management.
Another milestone of our group is said to be our entry in the travel and tours sectors with our travel portals; travelhot.in and travel universally. Travelhot.in deals in everything related to travel in India, whereas Travel Universally handles the requirements of the travelers intending to visit some of the best worldwide tourist destinations.

Another Quantum Leap Taken

Moving a step further, we have recently achieved another milestone by acquiring three more properties. By bringing all these properties under the umbrella of our brand, United-21, we aim to broaden our customer base. The unique style and elegance of all these three properties are sure to attract both leisure tourists and business travellers. Excellent customer service rendered by our staff would also play a major role in the satisfaction of our guests. An overview of these properties is given below:

United-21 Citymark, Gurgaon: It is a perfect combination of luxury and quality service, and offers comfortable accommodations in the form of rooms and suites that are provided with several modern amenities. An all-day fine dining experience in its multi-cuisine restaurant, an exclusive bar and coffee shop, and a trendy gym are some of the state-of-the-art facilities that our guests can enjoy in United-21 Citymark.


United-21 Emerald Forest, Goa: In the heart of Goa, one of the favorite travel destinations of tourists, this all-suites boutique hotel extends a warm welcome to its guests. All its suites are fully equipped with modern facilities, designed to provide our guests with truly luxurious stays. A multi-cuisine cafe, an Indian specialty restaurant, wellness center, and business facilities are some of its exclusive offerings. This boutique hotel ensures that every guest gets pampered in its indulgent and intimate atmosphere.


United-21 Beach View, Mandarmoni: Strategically located in a seaside region called Mandarmoni, this excellent resort-cum-hotel promises a memorable stay for all its guests. It is far from the hustle-bustle of Kolkata and our guests would really enjoy lazing on the beach sands or a dip in crystal-clear waters of the Bay of Bengal. The exquisitely crafted rooms and cottages of United-21 Beach View have a personal balcony overlooking the sea, and are well-complemented with all the latest amenities.

Our New Acquisitions

For any company, acquisitions are of great importance, as they go a long way in aiding a company's expansion and growth. While acquisitions have become common in recent times, a major one can increase market power of the acquiring company. We have been acquiring many properties, ever since we decided to make a foray into the business of hospitality. Every single time we acquired a hotel or resort, it has helped us to add a significant value to our brand. As a result, we have gradually built a good customer base and enjoy greater reputation in the market today. Our new acquisitions in the year 2013 were as follows:

March, 2013: The property in Sunderbans, with enchanting natural surroundings was acquired and United-21 Resort, Sunderbans, was created. It offers a warm hospitality and a wonderful ambience for its guests.

April, 2013: In this month, we acquired a property in Todgarh and the other one in Udaipur. They were named United-21 Royal Resort and United-21 Lake City Resort respectively.

August, 2013: This month saw two acquisitions made by us in two different states, Gujarat and Kerala. The property of Gujarat, which is located in Gir Forest National Park, got the name United-21 Vanvaso. The property in Kerala, located in the beautiful town of Kollam was named United-21 Island Paradise.

All these acquisitions made in the year 2013 have helped us to bring more resorts under the brand, United-21. They have also helped us in extending our hospitality to the regions where the resorts are located. We can now welcome tourists to witness the beautiful offerings that these locations have in store for them. The rooms and suites in these resorts, well complemented with modern facilities, would make staying in them a pleasant experience for our guests. They can also avail many other amenities provided in these resorts for their convenience.